How to add Google Reviews to Wix (via embed)

Adding Google Reviews to Wix is done most easily via our Wix native plugin. This guide is for the situation when you want to add same app to multiple sites out of one or more are on Wix.

1. Sign in to Google Reviews Widget app

2. Search for your business by name.

Note: If you are having trouble finding your business try adding town or street name. We will also be happy to help you out. Shoot us a message anytime.

3. Continue to adding widget to your site

4. Copy the widget

5. Add Embed HTML block in Wix editor

6. Paste in widget coppied from step 4)

7. Make sure the content of the plugin is visible by extending the border of embed

You might need to save and referesh the page for all the changes to be visible

8. Publish your changes

And that is it!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime with question or piece of feedback.